Six Things to do When Asking For Help Goes Wrong.

When you’re learning something new, asking questions can be daunting, but it’s important that we do. Here’s what to do when you ask a question, and you feel belittled by the reply.

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Everyone has different styles, be it a different style of explaining things or different styles of teaching. If you asked for help, and it didn’t go very well, turn to someone else, privately. Ask if they wouldn’t mind hearing you out because previous attempts were confusing or unsuccessful. It’s okay to ask for help. Everybody does it, everybody needs it at times. A lot of the times, the end result can depend on who you ask.


Maybe you’re a bit stuck because you don’t understand your issue in its entirety, and the way you’re thinking about it confuses you. Break things down into smaller pieces, smaller issues, smaller sections and take them one by one. Whilst you’re doing this, the solution may even occur to you without asking for help.


Do you ever finish an argument or conversation with someone, and hours later you keep thinking “ugh, I should’ve said this, I should’ve said that” — That’s me right now. If you don’t like someone’s tone when they are addressing you, call it out, otherwise it might just happen again.

Standing up for yourself will always feel amazing, it just takes courage, and if you don’t want to stand up for yourself in the risk of feeling bad or fearing confrontation, that is okay too.

Good ole’ Google. Google is always there for us, sometimes people aren’t. There thousands upon thousands of answered questions on google, yours might be there too. Sometimes internet explanations can be tricky to understand. When I needed help, there was an article on the same topic, yet I still couldn’t get my head around it. Keep googling until you find a simpler explanation that can understand.


This may be easier said that done. Feeling embarrassed by something will of course make you want to shy away. Unfortunately, If you are like me and learning something new, we cannot afford to stop asking questions. Questions are important in furthering our understanding and growth. Do not let one bad experience or fear of response stunt your growth. We are all better than that.


No one is dumb. That’s just your imposter syndrome speaking and getting overwhelmed with self-doubt. Tell it to keep quiet and take a deep breath. Whatever it is, come back to it later. Reflect on how much you have achieved so far in your life time, all the things that were once new to you and that you now know. One little setback does not define our intelligence. Remember that.

Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m currently learning how to code. It’s challenging and fun. Join me as I blog about the highs and lows.