Olivia Walker

Jun 3, 2021

2 min read

Learning Python in 2021

Alexa, play “Do It” by Chloe x Halle.

Most people familiar with coding know about Python, either what it is or how it works. Someone who is new and wanting to learn how to code might even consider learning Python as their first language. Here’s my take on that:

Do it.

It’s been roughly 8 months since I learnt to code and become a full-stack developer, and in that space I’ve become proficient in a multitude of things, mainly focussing on JavaScript and my favourite JS library, React.

However — last month, I learnt Python for the first time. I’ve heard before that python is arguably the easiest coding language to learn….

This is 100% true, in my opinion and experience.

Knowing a bit of JavaScript did allow me to pick Python up quicker than most, because the syntax and how it works under the hood is generally similar, but aside from that, Python is easy on its own without prior coding knowledge.

Its code, unlike JavaScript most of the time, reads exactly like plain English with its highly descriptive and straightforward keywords. I would recommend learning it to everyone and anyone. It’s a brilliant language that becomes fun once you get the hang of it.

Apart from some fussy rules around indenting your code perfectly, there is nothing about Python designed to trip you up or be difficult, it is completely beginner friendly, and I wish I had started out with it. If you’re thinking about learning it — take the leap and do it.

As for learning Python in 2021 specifically, there is no massive difference. As usual there are plenty of amazing resources online if you plan to teach yourself. My recommendations would be YouTube tutorials, FreeCodeCamp and Codecademy. All brilliant, all free.

Happy coding! (in Python)