Finding a Balance between Comfort and Coding

If we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic this article would probably consist of ‘sit in your local coffee shop! Sip and relax as you code!’ with flower and sparkle emoji’s. You know the ones.

If you’re like me, my only environments to work in are my bedroom, my kitchen, or my living room. At times, neither are ideal or can become a bit stale or repetitive.

90% of my work is done in my room at my desk, my tip to everyone is avoid doing work in or on your bed. Step away from the bed, you don’t need me to tell you why.

If you can, try some of these tips to adding more comfort to your daily life and coding breaks:

  • Change location around the house, but try to have a desk or table nearby.
  • During your work time, have limitations to your screen-time. Save all that scrolling till your break. For a great app on screen-time and concentration, check out Hold on the app store for iOS and Android.
  • Have some light, low volume background music, nothing too distracting. This is much more relaxing than pure silence or tv background noise.
  • Take regular breaks away from your laptop. Close the lid and walk away else where. Having your work-time and your break-time in different locations offers more comfort for your brain.
  • Schedule time for yourself, or speaking to family and friends. A quick catch up and really take a load off, and it’s good to communicate and share how you’re doing with others. You never know what advice they may have.
  • Switch up your learning methods: There is plenty of resources on learning how to code or practicing code. I like to balance between YouTube tutorials and Free Code Camp activities.

We all find comfort in different ways, for me its pouring a glass of my favourite drink and watching…EastEnders. (Don’t judge me, it’s a classic).

Comfort and relaxation are equally as important as hard work. Find what works for you in order to find that balance, and remember that you don’t need to code every single day. Take some you-time.

Stay safe & happy coding!

Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m currently learning how to code. It’s challenging and fun. Join me as I blog about the highs and lows.