Coding Articles for Junior Developers You’ve Been “Meaning” to Read…

Over the last few months, I’ve built up a stock pile of coding articles that I want to read. Sometimes I scroll past interesting articles on LinkedIn, or Medium sends me great suggestions through newsletters. I always open the articles and say, “I’ll read them soon”.

Well today is the day I finally mean it. I have a whooping 37 (yeah, thirty-seven) open tabs of articles just sitting ready for me. I’m taking a break from coding today and I think reading through these coding articles will be a break well spent. I’ve come to a stale-mate on a project I’m working on, maybe I’ll find some inspiration through the things I learn today.

I’m going to leave this Medium tab open and jot down a few of my favourites with the links attached so I can come back to them any time. Enjoy!

I really liked this article. As a newbie methods like these can go over my head. I’m familiar with map and filter, but terrible at reduce (and maths, so..). Great read for solidifying understanding.

I should’ve mentioned earlier, I love React. Prepare for a lot of React articles.

I learnt about Redux very recently, the set up was a nightmare but the end result was worth it. This article explores state management without using Redux, but by using Hooks instead. Interesting read.

Simple reminder of the basics.

I love articles based on user experience and a bit of CSS. This would be great to implement in future projects.

I’m using NodeJS in my current project, and getting there was a struggle. This is an article I wish I read beforehand.

Probably the most useful article so far, really breaks a lot of things down.

This says to master Vanilla JS inside out. Whew. A challenge I might just set for myself.

Not sure I’d use the word “fun”, but fact #2 was definitely new to me. I’ll be looking into that.

I like these kinds of articles. JavaScript is something I really want to master. Will I defeat it or will it defeat me.

You can never have too much CSS.

I’m not as confident as I’d like to be with Node. I would say I know the basics. This is an article I’ll come back to in future to see if my knowledge has expanded.

Some really great career advice in this article. I would recommend this to all.

I needed this article. Passing data is something I think I can do so well, and then suddenly its just brain freeze.

Excuse me whilst I try and cram all of these amazing trends into my current project.

I’ll cap this list at #15, I started reading at 11am, and it’s now 3:30pm, but I can say that it’s been an insightful day, a break from coding well spent. I still have a whole bunch of articles left to read, but I shall save those for another day, perhaps a part 2.

Taking days out to catch up on something other than Netflix is about to become a new norm for me.

Podcasts next, maybe?

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