An Update on Learning to Code: A Sunday Reflect.

Even as I write this, I’m tired and my eyes hurt a little.

I’ve said many time that coding isn’t “easy”, it takes practice, and the practice is my favourite part. On Friday I spent hours flicking through articles and YouTube video’s trying to look for a solution to a problem I was having.

With each closed article, closed tab, closed video, I didn’t feel frustration at still not finding my answer because I was on the edge of learning something new and slowly but surely improving my code. I enjoyed this. Suddenly it turned 4am and then4:30am, I was in too deep and felt too close to the solution to stop.

The next day, Saturday, you would think that I’d have a rest. Well no because I didn’t need one, or so I thought. There’s coding to be done and new thing’s to be learnt. Learning from a Bootcamp means things are short and intense. It’s up to me to fill in any gaps of knowledge and learn a little bit further about things.

I like independent research and learning more by my own accord. It sits well with who I am and I’ve taken a real passion for it. It also allows me to show my dedication to the program. I learn more because I want to, because coding intrigues me and I like it.

On Saturday I stopped coding around 6pm. I decided I was going to switch off my laptop and catch up on some EastEnders before calling a friend, and then when I came to a realisation:

I’m surrounded by screens.

If it’s not my laptop screen, it’s my phone screen. If it’s not my phone screen, its my TV screen. No wonder my eyes hurt a little. I’m not anti-screens, I don’t mind this, I just realise the importance of setting a limit. I’m not ready to burn out. There’s still more I want to do and achieve. My mentor always tells me:

“You don’t need to code everyday”

and it’s about time I listened.

So today ’m going to read a book, relax, maybe aim for 8 glasses of water. I can’t avoid screens all day, let’s be realistic, but for a good few hours this Sunday I’m going to switch off a read a book because my poor eyes shouldn’t be staring at code 24/7. I’m still learning and I have plenty to time.

What are you going to do?