Object-oriented programming

A few weeks ago I found out there are developers who have been coding for 3, maybe 4+ years and considered Junior. I’m still on 5, nearly 6 months of learning, but I’m willing to put in the hours and the years, starting with trying to get my head around the 4 core object oriented programming.

At the moment everyone’s favourite question for me seems to be:

‘Do you know what object oriented programming is?’

The first time I was asked, I didn’t know. The second time I was asked, I knew slightly, but that wasn’t good enough for me…

Over the last few months, I’ve built up a stock pile of coding articles that I want to read. Sometimes I scroll past interesting articles on LinkedIn, or Medium sends me great suggestions through newsletters. I always open the articles and say, “I’ll read them soon”.

Well today is the day I finally mean it. I have a whooping 37 (yeah, thirty-seven) open tabs of articles just sitting ready for me. I’m taking a break from coding today and I think reading through these coding articles will be a break well spent. …

Finding a Balance between Comfort and Coding

If we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic this article would probably consist of ‘sit in your local coffee shop! Sip and relax as you code!’ with flower and sparkle emoji’s. You know the ones.

If you’re like me, my only environments to work in are my bedroom, my kitchen, or my living room. At times, neither are ideal or can become a bit stale or repetitive.

90% of my work is done in my room at my desk, my tip to everyone is avoid doing work in or on your bed…

If you’ve got buttons that look uneven, differing heights and a bit messy, like this:

But you want them to all be perfectly aligned, like this:

With the help of a wonderful volunteer from the Black Codher Bootcamp, I set out to create my own super simple loading page that’s hopefully less complex and easier for other coding newbies like myself to understand.

Here’s how:

1) Creating the Loading Page component as set below.

Edits you may want to make here:

  • The ‘4000’ on the setTimeout function: This means my loading page will display for 4 seconds. Feel free to make yours longer or shorter.
  • Everything inside the return statement: My loading page uses a Spinner imported from Bootstrap and a h1 tag. You can inset anything you’d like the loading page to display inside…

Even as I write this, I’m tired and my eyes hurt a little.

I’ve said many time that coding isn’t “easy”, it takes practice, and the practice is my favourite part. On Friday I spent hours flicking through articles and YouTube video’s trying to look for a solution to a problem I was having.

With each closed article, closed tab, closed video, I didn’t feel frustration at still not finding my answer because I was on the edge of learning something new and slowly but surely improving my code. I enjoyed this. …

Default parameters have been a great addition to ES6, and they are fairly easy to understand with this quick walk through.

So, we start off with some simple code as below. Here, we are passing no arguments, no parameters, my entire statement is in the console log.

const myFaveAnime = () => {
console.log("Gintama is my favourite anime");

When you’re learning something new, asking questions can be daunting, but it’s important that we do. Here’s what to do when you ask a question, and you feel belittled by the reply.

Palm Face Emoji ,extremely relatable to current mood.

1. Ask someone else.

Everyone has different styles, be it a different style of explaining things or different styles of teaching. If you asked for help, and it didn’t go very well, turn to someone else, privately. Ask if they wouldn’t mind hearing you out because previous attempts were confusing or unsuccessful. It’s okay to ask for help. Everybody does it, everybody needs it at times. …

The Spread Operator, also referred to as the Spread Syntax is something I recently taught myself about, and now I’m here to share that knowledge with you.

Cover image: the spread operator in action

From my understanding, the spread operator is a great way to make a copy of some data and store it in a variable of your choice.

In the example below, we have an array called “anime”, and we have assigned “anime” and all its data to a new variable called “bestAnime”, so we should expect that the console.log of both these variables will produce the exact same data.

//original arrayconst anime =…

No one said coding was going to be easy.

The Bootcamp is going great. I feel as though I am flying through the modules. HTML and CSS were relatively straightforward, which I now consider lifelong skills I wont be forgetting anytime soon. If anyone else is looking to start coding, I too would suggest starting with HTML and CCS, it was a great way to ease me in.

Then along came JavaScript….

I don’t hate JS, I like it, but it’s proven difficult for this coding newbie. Loops, functions, arrays, .map, .length, and so many other little words and methods…

Olivia Walker

Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m currently learning how to code. It’s challenging and fun. Join me as I blog about the highs and lows.

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